Maastricht Business Contact Centre

The Maastricht Business Contact Centre is there to help entrepreneurs. We are familiar with the procedures and the routes within the municipality, can answer your questions or direct you to a colleague who specialises in a specific subject. The Maastricht Business Contact Centre bridges the gap between your ambitions and the framework within which you will achieve them. We help you to find your way through the regulations and make constructive suggestions regarding the possibilities. Our help is free.

The Business contact centre is a master of all trades. Entrepreneurs can contact the centre for advice, supervision, support and information in a great many areas including: company accommodations, regional development, economic and real estate developments, regulations and legislation, town & country planning and economic policy.

In addition, the Business Contact Centre stays very much in touch with the developments in the market in order to be able to respond in a proactive fashion. 

Free consultations

You can call us on with your questions or to make an appointment, or you can e-mail us. We will also be happy to come to you if that suits you better. We also hold regular consultations. You don't have to make an appointment for these consultations.

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