slangen pompen water weg

About the high water in Maastricht

On this page we will keep you informed about the current situation about the high water in Maastricht. You will also find more information on the website of Veiligheidsregio Zuid-Limburg (

What was going on?

Due to the large amount of rainwater, the sewers were filling up. Normally, water is stored in the sewer buffer. Due to the large amount of rainwater, the sewers were full and the buffer was no longer available. Normally, the sewers still have a chance to overflow into the Maas. Due to rainfall in the Ardennes , the water in the Maas had risen. The flood wave reached Maastricht. There was too much water everywhere: in the sewers and in the Meuse. This was a unique situation. 

Water level in the Maas

The current water level and water discharge of the Maas can be found on the website of Rijkswaterstaat. The Safety Region also communicates regularly on the amount of water discharged through the Maas.

When should you call the municipality?

We ask that you only contact the municipality in the event of extreme inconvenience. This has to do with the capacity of the entire emergency organisation. The emergency services cannot deal with every report and we ask for your understanding.

Contact in the event of extreme flooding

In the event of extreme inconvenience, you can contact the municipality via 14 043 and choose option 1: calamities and inconvenience. Or send an e-mail to the Maastricht Heuvelland alarm centre: mmh [at] (mmh[at]maastricht[dot]nl).

Only call 112 in extremely urgent and emergency situations!

What if you have damage from the flooding?

Take pictures of the damage. And contact your insurance company.