Vegetable, fruit and garden waste

You can request a (new) container for vegetable, fruit and garden waste (gft) online with Digid. If you do not request the container online, you must bring a valid ID. On the waste calendar from your area, you can consult when your container is emptied.


The municipality of Maastricht collects vegetable, fruit and garden waste (gft) with containers of 60 or 140 litres at low buildings. And with containers of 25 litres at high-rise buildings (like flats). Check out the waste calendar of your area to find out when your gft container will be emptied.


  • Peels and residues of vegetables, fruits, meat and potatoes, coffee filters, cheese crusts, old bread, egg shells, peanuts, nuts and nutshell
  • tea bags and tea leaves
  • corkscrew
  • flower
  • garden plants
  • small pruning waste
  • hay, straw and sawdust
  • grass and leaves


  • fireplace ashes, ashtray contents
  • litter box granules, sand from bird cages or manure of domestic animals
  • beverage cartons
  • vacuum cleaner bags
  • dog or cat bristles
  • dredge from pit or gutter
  • chemical waste
  • diapers
  • plastic
  • garden soil, coarse garden and pruning waste and branches
  • bark, leather, textiles, paper
  • plastic, glass, tin, wood