Parking your bicycle

More and more people are cycling in Maastricht. We welcome this development because cycling is a healthy and eco-friendly way of getting around. But as the number of cyclists grows, so does the inconvenience caused by bicycles parked where they shouldn’t be. That is why bicycles may only be stalled for a maximum uninterrupted period of two weeks in any of the designated public bicycle racks or bicycle parking facilities in the city centre and in Wyck. That way we won’t have unused bicycles taking up space and there will be more parking spaces for visitors and local residents. This page tells you what you should know about cycling in our city. It also tells you what we are doing to prevent bicycles from becoming a nuisance.

Do you often ride your bike in Maastricht? Then have a look here: (You can go everywhere by bicycle). Here you will find a lot of information about where to park your bike and what rules bikers in Maastricht have to take into account. But als more about actions that encourage more and more people to get on their bikes. 

    • Make sure that your bicycle does not inconvenience others and is not in anyone’s way.
    • Park your bicycle in a bicycle rack or bicycle parking facility. In the city centre, you may park your bicycle in rack or parking facility for a maximum uninterrupted period of two weeks. That way there will be enough space for others.
    • You are prohibited from cycling in the pedestrianised shopping zone in the city centre during shop opening hours.
    • You are prohibited from cycling while carrying a smartphone or other gadget in your hand.
  • In Maastricht city centre, you can park your bicycle in one of the designated racks or bicycle parking facilities (in most cases, for free). You can park your bicycle there for a maximum uninterrupted period of two weeks. Outside the city centre, park your bicycle in a bicycle rack or in places where it will not get in anyone’s way.

    • We regularly remove bicycle wrecks and orphaned bikes from bicycle racks in the city centre. In that way, we keep available parking space as available as possible . A bicycle wreck is a bicyle in public spaces that is in poor and neglected condition, and which we assume has been abandoned by its owner. An abandoned bicycle is a bicycle that has been in the public space for a long time and which we assume has been abandoned by its owner. 
    • In addition, we also remove bikes that are parked incorrectly in the aeria surrounding the central station. We do this because the bicycles cause a considerable amount of inconvenience. 
    • Bikes parked on the pavement or in the street - outside the bicycle racks and bike facilities - in Wyck or the city centre will be removed. Bicycle wrecks are not kept, orphaned bikes and incorrectly parked bikes are stored in the Gerardusweg bike compound.
    • In the city centre, we regularly remove bicycles that are parked for longer than two weeks. In this way, we make extra space available in the bike racks. Before these bicycles are removed, owners are warned and asked to remove their bike. 
    • In exceptional cases, we remove obstructive and/or dangerous bikes parked in other locations. For example,  if a bike is parked on the terrain where an event is to be held or if a bike is blocking the exit of a fire escape. 
  • If the bicycle’s owner does not move it despite our warning, we take the bicycle to the bicycle compound at Gerardusweg 39. From 1 October 2021 onwards, it will cost you EUR 25 to reclaim your bicycle from the compound. For more information about the compound opening hours and how to reclaim your bicycle, go to Reporting lost and found items.

  • Our #posifiets campaign targets cyclists and asks them to be considerate of others in the city. #Posifiets means cycling in a way that gives you enjoyment and is not a nuisance to others. It means putting your bicycle in a bike rack to keep the pavement clear.  

    We are also looking into location-specific solutions. We are working with local residents, employers and interest groups at more than 70 different locations around the city to find custom solutions to structural bicycle problems. Examples include creating extra bicycle parking spaces or improving signposting. We are also committed to increasing the number of bicycle racks and parking facilities so that people have more places to park their bikes safely.

    Do you have a good idea for tackling the bicycle problem in your street?

    Do you (and your neighbours) have a good idea for tackling the bicycle problem in your street? Something other than handing out more fines? Then contact your local enforcement officer.

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