High energy prices

Today's energy prices are high.  More and more people are struggling to pay their energy bills. This page tells you what you can do and what help is available.


Voucher for energy-saving products

If you have an income of up to 120 per cent of the minimum income, you are entitled to a 100-euro voucher (excluding VAT). You can use the voucher to buy energy-saving products from the web shop of De Bespaarwinkel. Draught strips, LED lighting or radiator foil, for example. See De Bespaarcode for more information and the application form. Please note: the website and the application form are only available in Dutch.

Dutch government lowering energy prices

An price cap on energy prices has been in place since 1 January 2023. The price cap applies to all households and other small users (in Dutch): self-employed people (zzp), shops, associations, small social organisations and some small and medium-sized enterprises. The price cap limits the amount you can be charged per unit of gas and electricity for average energy consumption. Find out more about the price cap on the Dutch government's website.

Reducing energy use at home

The less energy you use, the more money you save. Using less energy also helps protect the environment. The Dutch government's website offers tips on saving energy at home.