Richie Backfireplein


Even during the coronavirus crisis, residents and visitors in Maastricht love going outside to enjoy days when the weather is great. That is important, because relaxation is good for our health. However, we still need to adhere to the current coronavirus measures in place throughout the country even when we are outside. As both the Stadspark and the Charles Eyckpark have regularly been overcrowded, we want to point out a number of other locations in Maastricht where you can enjoy a lovely day out when the summer weather is great. Of course, the coronavirus measures in force also apply at those locations.

Sphinxkwartier: the Richie Backfireplein

On the edge of the city centre lies the Sphinxkwartier district, a young neighbourhood packed with old industrial monuments which have been repurposed. This location boasts the Richie Backfireplein as a place to relax between Lumière Cinema and the Muziekgieterij. The square is located at the edge of the Frontenpark and has both a grass field and wooden benches.

Sphinxkwartier: the Stadsweide city field

A short and pleasant walk through the Frontenpark, will take you to the Stadsweide. It’s easy to find thanks to the large green Gashouder and the red Cokesfabriek factory. This large green meadow offers ample space. Here you can bring your own blanket and enjoy a beautiful summer day.

East-Maastricht: the Koningsplein

This location was once home to the busy A2 motorway, but in 2021 it is the perfect place to lounge next to the ‘Groene Loper’ (Green Carpet). This is certainly true of the Koningsplein, where it is usually nice and quiet. Roll out your towel and enjoy! For people who love playing sports, the neighbouring ‘Groene Loper’ (Green Carpet) is 2.3 kilometres long. That’s plenty for a vigorous walk or a nice jog.

East-Maastricht: the Geusseltpark

The Geusseltpark goes all the way from Wittevrouwenveld to Amby. It has streams, green fields of grass, and plenty of space for everyone who would like to peacefully enjoy some sunshine. It’s also the perfect area in which to throw out a fishing line, because fishing is permitted here.

Keep it clean!

There are waste bins at most public locations. Make use of them and help us keep all those nice chill locations clean. No bin available? Take your trash home or throw it away in a wastebin you find along the way.

Other spots to chill in Maastricht?

Of course, there are many more public green spaces in Maastricht where people can relax. If you have a tip to share or want to put your favourite park in the spotlight, then please let us know by sending an e-mail to post [at] (post[at]maastricht[dot]nl)!