24 November 2021 - News

Checks on plastic and miscellaneous waste in green bin

If your green bin hasn’t been emptied, there’s probably plastic or miscellaneous waste in it!

You may not use the black plastic bin liners in the green bins. You may also not throw individual plastic bags and/or other miscellaneous waste in your green container or bucket. In both cases, the waste collection service will not empty out your bin. We will be stricter about this from now on.

Whole loads of organic waste unfit for recycling

We regularly find plastic and other miscellaneous waste in the green organic waste bins. When that happens – and it is happening more and more – the composting plant rejects whole loads of organic waste. Instead of being turned into compost, the waste is sent to the incinerator. That’s a real shame and it triples the cost of disposal.

Which bag can you use in the green bins?

Do not put organic waste in bags before putting it in your green bin. To keep your container or bucket clean and fresh and prevent organic waste from freezing or sticking to the bottom, line the bottom with a layer of newspaper, leaves or sawdust. You can also buy special compostable / biodegradable bin liners. Make sure that the liner has an OK compost or seedling logo. These special bin liners can be purchased at shops that also sell the red-and-white miscellaneous waste bags and at other retail outlets.

Put a full bin out again for collection

If your green container or bucket has not been emptied this week, remove any plastic and miscellaneous waste and put it out again to be emptied next week.

For more information on organic waste, see the page about organic waste. The Environmental App has a handy, comprehensive waste separation guide.


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