3 February 2023 - News

Coming up: municipal and water board tax notice

You will soon receive your annual notice for municipal and water board taxes. The Belastingsamenwerking Gemeenten en Waterschappen - BsGW (Municipal and Water Board Tax Collaboration Scheme) will send you the notice. BsGW makes sure that everyone who has to pay taxes receives a notice.

 About your municipal taxes

  • Your onroerendezaakbelasting - OZB (property tax) will increase by 4.3 per cent if the WOZ value of your house increases by 18.8 per cent (the average increase in value of houses in Maastricht).
  • The fixed amount of afvalstoffenheffing (waste disposal tax) in Maastricht will remain the same. The price of residual waste bags will go up by 4.3 per cent.
  • Rioolheffing (sewerage tax) will go up by 4.3 per cent.
  • Rates for hondenbelasting (dog tax) will go down by 25 per cent.


Please visit www.bsgw.nl/en or call 088 842 04 20 if you have any questions about your tax notice.