9 March 2020 - News

Maastricht mattresses all over the world

Now that the North Bridge has been shifted, Radium Foam – the company that manufactures Vita Talalay brand mattresses – suddenly finds itself in a prime location. It's great for brand awareness, but it makes no difference in terms of sales. The company's natural latex mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows are considered top-of-the-line bedding products all over the world.
Afbeelding Peter Pleunis

Google “Radium Foam Maastricht” and you'll end up at vitatalalay.com. It's a deliberate choice, says general manager Peter Pleunis. “We’ve been manufacturing Talalay latex for more than fifty years. In time, we've come to emphasise the natural properties of our product, manufactured without any chemical reaction. The name Radium Foam doesn't really have the right connotations. That's why we chose the brand name Vita Talalay, which is now a protected trademark." 

Top segment

Many people in the Maastricht region would be surprised to learn that the luxury bedding products found in Auping, Swiss Sense and more exclusive bedding shops in Europe, America, Australia and Asia are manufactured right down the road. "That's mainly because our direct customers are not located near Maastricht," Peter explains. "We've carved out our own sales market. We deliberately work with the top segment of the market in each country, companies that have the right image for our product."

Promoting Maastricht

Every other year, Radium Foam organises a day-long event in Maastricht for its clients worldwide. “The programme always includes a guided tour of the city, usually by boat. And we spoil our guests by booking rooms for them in the Kruisheren Hotel. So we do our bit to promote Maastricht. And it works. Our guests are always very impressed with the city and can't stop talking about it. There are people in China who’ve heard all about Café Vogelstruys.”

Kruisheren Hotel

Thanks to the assistance of the Maastricht Business Team, Camille Oostwegel Jr. (who recently succeeded his father as head of the Oostwegel Collection hotel chain) visited Radium Foam a few months ago. It was an opportunity for him to tour the factory that turns out the mattresses on all the Kruisheren Hotel beds. "Let's be honest, the Kruisheren Hotel isn't really a major factor in our sales," says Peter. “But it is important to our image. And that cuts both ways. Both companies serve the high end of the market.  So we make a good match, and we can benefit from each other’s exclusive names and reputation for luxury.”

Floris Kemper, managing director/host of the Kruisheren Hotel, agrees. “It was in fact quite logical on both sides for us to choose Vita Talalay. We're two Maastricht-based companies that share the same commitment to quality and sustainability. The Vita Talalay mattress toppers and now the pillows are both perfect complements to our Auping beds and mattresses. The combination means we can accommodate our guests' individual wishes even better."


Vivianne Heijnen, Maastricht’s Executive Councillor for Economic Affairs, is pleased about the cooperation between the two companies. She recently visited Radium Foam: “Radium Foam produces mattresses of the highest quality. And their products are ideal for the Oostwegel family's luxury hotels and the superb standard of hospitality that they represent. It’s fantastic when Maastricht-based businesses and the Maastricht region can support one another in this way. Too often, companies here aren't aware of what other Maastricht businesses have to offer and how they can help one another. That's why the municipal government is trying to spark awareness of and connect local firms as much as possible."