23 November 2022 - News

Measures against waste problems in Maastricht

We have seen in the city and heard from residents that there are problems around waste collection. We are taking additional measures to work on the problems. We will explain the measures briefly.

  1. Talks with waste coaches at known dumping sites.
    We will talk with residents about pollution, causes and reasons, consequences and solutions. We will call polluters to account for their behaviour.
  2. More enforcement.
    We will check more closely whether residual waste bags are properly presented .
  3. Do you live in the retail core of the city centre? And is your waste collected on Tuesday evenings? You will get one extra hour to put out your waste for collection. Previously you could only put out your residual waste bag and green bin on Tuesday evenings between 5.00 pm and 6.00 pm. You can now do so between 5.00 pm and 7.00 pm. We will collect your waste from 7.00 pm onwards. We will clean up the city centre more often if necessary.

We hope the measures will (quickly) reduce the waste problems in and outside the city centre. This can only happen with the help of residents and business owners. You can help by sorting your waste properly and taking out the residual bag and green bucket at the right time.

Revisiting our waste policy

Every gemeente (municipality) has its own waste policy. This policy states what the gemeente considers important when it comes to household waste and how it wants to achieve its goals. For example, it deals with communication and enforcement, but also with costs and afvalstoffenheffing (waste disposal tax).

We are going to review Maastricht’s waste policy. The municipal executive has promised the municipal council to do so. We will start this soon. The new policy is scheduled to be ready in spring 2023. After that, it will take some time before we start implementing the new policy. Residents will be able to have their say on the new waste policy at several points in the process. Keep an eye on the website, the newsletter and the MilieuApp of the gemeente to learn more.