18 January 2024 - News

New Maastricht Region Manual for newcomers

The Expat Centre Maastricht Region kicks off 2024 with a fresh edition of the Maastricht Region Manual. This English-language manual aims to help international newcomers in the region, offering key information for a great start in the Netherlands.

What's in the manual?

The manual contains everything new arrivals need to know about Dutch formalities, housing options, healthcare and much more. It includes a convenient arrival checklist to help with topics such as transportation, driving licences, taxes, educational opportunities and regional cultural insights.

There's also a dedicated section on living and working in the region, highlighting the unique offerings of all the collaborating municipalities in South Limburg.

The Expat Centre

The Expat Centre works together with the municipal service desk and the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) to function as a one-stop shop for EU and non-EU expats, international artists, researchers and their employers. This includes help with registration and arranging necessary documents. These steps have been streamlined into one single appointment, saving significant time and effort.

The centre also provides advice on living, working and lifestyle in the Maastricht Region. Newcomers can continue to access support after their registration for questions about taxes, sports clubs, or music lessons for children.

The assistance is free of charge and available not just to newcomers in Maastricht, but also to newcomers in the other 16 municipalities of South Limburg.

Vital contribution

"International residents are vital to the knowledge-based economy of South Limburg. They deserve high-quality services. This manual is our warm welcome to newcomers, giving them a head start in our region," says Hubert Mackus, member of the municipal executive for the economy in Maastricht.

How to get the manual?

You can pick up the 2024 Maastricht Region Manual at the Expat Centre in the Maastricht at the municipal office, Mosae Forum 10. The manual is also available online on the Expat Centre's website.

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