11 July 2022 - News

Pride Photo Exhibition in Maastricht

As an LGBTQIA+-friendly city, we want to be a municipality where everyone feels at home and can be themselves. We aim to reinforce that message through the Pride Photo Exhibition, which can be visited in our city until 21 July.

afbeelding mensen bij bord met gekleurd doek en een foto op het bord - opening Pride Photo tentoonstelling

The photographs in the exhibition provide a glimpse into lives and worlds that may be familiar to some, and new, perhaps surprising or even a little uncomfortable for others. The aim of the photos is to encourage visitors in an accessible and respectful way to think about sexual and gender diversity.

Keeping the discussion alive

As an LGBTQIA+-friendly city, we also want to make you think about the position and rights of the LGBTIQ+ target group and keep the discussion about this alive. We want to talk about prejudice and the often dire human rights situation that the LGBTQIA+ community is facing worldwide.

Useful information

You can visit the photo exhibition in the Stationstraat in Maastricht until 21 July. Visit Pride Photo Exhibition 2022 – Pride Photo Foundation to learn more about the exhibition.

foto van grote borden met daarin foto's van Pride Photo 2022 op straat in Maastricht