23 December 2019 - News

Protect your business against hackers

Hackers, viruses, ransomware… Just how secure is your data? How much is your company’s digital security worth to you? Book a cyberscan and find out how you can protect your company online.
Laat uw bedrijf niet hacken

In just half a day, IT students will ‘take a snapshot’ of your company’s digital security. They’ll visit your premises and use checklists to survey your security systems and procedures. The checklists were developed by specialist instructors at the Vista College and Friesche Poort regional training centres and the firm CybersecurIT. The students will not make any changes to your system. You will receive a set of recommendations that you can discuss with your own IT partner or a specialist firm. The price of the scan is 100 euros, but in this case, you yourself decide what you think it’s worth after you get the results.