16 May 2022 - News

Share your opinion about student life in Maastricht

Are you studying in Maastricht? Share your opinion with us about student life in Maastricht. You do this by completing the questionnaire (7 minutes). 25 random participants can win a voucher worth 25 euros for Local7.

Your voice matters!

We want to ensure successful policy by having residents actively join the conversation. As a student, you are part of a large population group and we would like your voice to be heard. That is why we have joined forces with Maastricht University and ZUYD University of Applied Sciences. 

The results of the survey will help us, Maastricht University and ZUYD decide which topics deserve special attention. Together we will select the most important topics based on the results and organise follow-up and sessions and surveys. You can also sign up for the follow-up sessions and surveys at the end of the questionnaire (optional). 

Stay up to date

Are you interested in the results of the survey? Please leave your e-mail address at the end of the questionnaire. The results, evaluation and next steps will then be sent to you within 3 weeks.

This survey is part of the Student City programme: a collaborative effort of Gemeente Maastricht (the municipality of Maastricht), Maastricht University, and ZUYD University of applied sciences. Mymaastricht.nl and the Student Project Team helped realise the survey.