17 August 2022 - News

A visit to the Stadspark (City Park)? Be considerate of each other!

Summer is here. Maybe you are going outside with your friends or family. Maastricht has many nice places where you can exercise or just relax. One of those places is the Stadspark (City Park). The Stadspark is a popular place to meet. Unfortunately, that also has its downsides.

The busier the Stadspark gets, the more easily nuisance is caused. Think of loud music, litter and yelling. Or people riding (light) mopeds and bikes on the footpaths. This not only affects local residents who, for example, can’t sleep because of the noise: it can also affect you. For example, you can’t take a quiet walk because of people riding (light) mopeds and bikes on the footpaths. Or you can't have a good conversation with your friends because of others playing loud music. That's a shame, because we all want to be able to enjoy the beautiful weather in the open air.

How do we ensure that everyone can enjoy the park? Simple: by being considerate of each other. Keep the volume of your music down when you are having fun with friends. Feel free to talk and sing, but don't yell. Throw small waste items in the park bins. Did you come by (light) moped or bike? Prevent accidents and continue on foot. This is how we enjoy the park together. Have fun this summer!

Comic strips about noise in the City Park. The characters in the left panel are playing loud music on a speaker in the park. The character in the right panel is at home in bed and can't sleep because of the noise.