9 March 2020 - News

Wanted: business owners who aspire to a circular economy

The municipalities of Maastricht, Meerssen and Valkenburg aan de Geul see the circular economy as an opportunity to contribute to a sustainable society. After all, a circular economy produces zero waste and uses raw materials over and over again. We’ve taken the first steps, but now we want to do more. So we've decided to do our research. The question we aim to answer is: how can we promote the circular economy at regional level? We’re asking you to help us. And, more importantly, to talk to us. Does your business aspire to a circular economy? Then get in touch.


Our research focuses on material flows and raw materials. We're conducting a regional analysis of raw materials and identifying opportunities for a circular economy. Once we know the results, we’ll draw up a strategic vision document that will inform our actions, in partnership with you, the business community and other institutions.

All together now

At the same time, the Province of Limburg and ASL –  an alliance of Limburg municipalities focusing on waste processing – are also investigating what the circular economy can offer on a broader and provincial level. Another point is the pilot project that is underway in the Beatrixhaven industrial park involving the Indusym Foundation, set up to help businesses make the transition to a circular economy. We are coordinating all these studies closely.

More information

If you would like to know more about the circular economy or participate in the discussion, then e-mail simone.van.der.steen [at] maastricht.nl or dirk.bellens [at] maastricht.nl before 13 March or phone (043) 350 47 19 or (043) 350 49 67.