14 October 2021 - News

Wristbands for evening visits to hospitality establishments in Maastricht

From 7 October 2021, a visit to Maastricht hospitality establishments will be possible with a wristband.

The Municipality of Maastricht and entrepreneurs in the hospitality business have worked together on a system that is more amenable to the public and hospitality businesses, but which still complies with the applicable COVID-19 measures.

3 pick-up locations for wristbands

Hospitality visitors who want a wristband have to show their COVID certificate (CTB) and an ID document. This is possible on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at three locations in the city:

  • Sporenstraat 12. Open on Thursday from 16 to 23 hrs, open on Friday from 11 to 23 hrs and open on Saturday from 13 to 23 hrs
  • Town Hall, Markt 78, open from 16 to 23 hrs
  • Stationsstraat 5, open from 16 to 23 hrs.

After the check at these locations, visitors receive a wristband that is valid for one evening. A different colour wristband is used each evening, in order to meet government requirements. 

Validity of wristbands

The bands can be used on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 4 p.m. until closing time. The three locations are open from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. It will still be possible to have the COVID certificate scanned in combination with the ID document when visiting a hospitality establishment.


The check system has been set up by the Maastricht hospitality sector. The hospitality managers also provide security staff who check the COVID certificate and issue the wristbands. The costs are borne by central government, which has announced that it will release funds to facilitate enforcement regarding the COVID certificate.


Mayor Annemarie Penn-te Strake. “Fighting COVID-19 remains paramount, but we have also seen that the scanning of the QR codes causes commotion at entrances and is tiresome for hospitality managers, especially on nights out. That is why we have contributed to finding a solution. Experience has already been gained with wristbands in other cities. Throughout the crisis, the Maastricht hospitality sector has shown flexibility and cooperated when asked. Also in this case we have dealt with this together in a satisfactory manner.”

Henri Hochstenbag, owner of café In den Ouden Vogelstruys and brasserie de Vogelstruys, was one of the entrepreneurs who campaigned for the wristband system. “It was a huge task, especially for the evening hospitality sector to check everything properly. As an entrepreneur, you don't want to be policing all the time. On the other hand, we do understand the need for checks. With wristbands, we make it easier for everyone. We are glad that we have reached this solution so quickly.”

John Paulus, chair of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (Dutch hospitality sector organisation) Maastricht-Heuvelland, agrees. “As an entrepreneur, you want to be hospitable. We will be able to be completely hospitable again once all the restrictions have been lifted, but to achieve that we will all need to respect the measures for the time being. We have done this in good cooperation with the municipality throughout the COVID-19 period and this has now been successful again.”