16 May 2022 - Press release

Business Owners can again be nominated for the Maastricht Awards

The Maastricht Awards were cancelled for the past 2 years due to the measures against the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and the consequences for business owners. This year, business owners can not only win a regular award, but also a people’s choice award for the first time. The award ceremony will take place on 19 September 2022 at the Stadhuis (City Hall) of Maastricht. 

Appreciation for business owners

The municipality has created the Maastricht Awards to express appreciation for business owners in the city and underline the importance of business owners for Maastricht’s economy.

Start of the campaign

Lou Nelissen, chairman of the jury, gave the go-ahead for the campaign in the Brikkebouw on 11 May. Business owners can sign up or nominate each other for an award up to and including 26 June. This year there are awards to be won in the following categories:

  • The Rabobank Made in Maastricht Award, aimed at the manufacturing industry 
  • The Hospitality Award, aimed at the hospitality industry 
  • The Business Take-off award, aimed at young business owners < 35 years who have started a successful business
Mevrouw houdt Lou Nelissen een microfoon voor, met rode Maastricht Awards banner op de achtergrond
De aftrap van de Maastricht Awards met Lou Nelissen

New this year: the people’s choice award

A new element this year is the people's choice award: the Maastricht Award Pluim (Plume). Business owners nominated for an award by our expert judges have a chance to win the new prize. Maastricht residents and business owners can vote for the nominated business that makes the best impression. 

Visit the information page about the Maastricht Awards to learn more: https://www.gemeentemaastricht.nl/en/ondernemen/maastricht-awards

Foto van de Pluim Award (prijsbeeldje): een metalen beeldje in de vorm van een pluim op een stervormig plateau.
Maastricht Award Pluim