21 February 2022 - Press release

Carnaval 2022: this year for the people of Maastricht, smaller and with restrictions

Vastelaovend (Carnaval) 2022 will go ahead this year, however it will be smaller and with restrictions. Gemeente Maastricht fully subscribes to the call to celebrate Carnaval mainly in its own surroundings. Maastricht celebrates Carnaval 2022 under the motto: "mèt belump, neet boete de sjraom en haw 't propel". In Dutch: met beleid, binnen de perken en houd het netjes (with guidelines, within limits and keep it low-key).

For that, good agreements were made between the gemeente, the hospitality industry and the city Carnaval association Tempeleers Mestreech.

Burgemeester (Mayor) Annemarie Penn-te Strake: "I am very pleased that the kabinet has offered room to celebrate Carnaval. Maastricht is ready for it, and I grant it to everyone wholeheartedly. On the other hand, the [Covid] virus has not gone away yet, and the minister has given some clear advice. Within those frameworks, together with the hospitality industry and the Tempeleers, we looked for a suitable interpretation, where Carnaval 2022 is clearly different than other years: smaller and more limited, a Carnaval especially for the residents of Maastricht."

The burgemeester calls on tourists not to travel to Maastricht for Carnaval: "It is really the intention that everyone celebrates in their own municipality. Normally we welcome everyone, but not this year."

Restaurants, cafés and bars

Together with the city's restaurants, cafés and bars, agreements have been made about the more spontaneous parts of Vastelaovend that usually take place. In short, they mean that Vastelaovend is celebrated outdoors as much as possible, spread over various places in the city, and large crowds must be avoided as much as possible.

Therefore, stages in the city and performances by artists outside are not allowed and outdoor bars are to close at 01.00 at the latest. Finally, the gemeente calls on owners of large Carnaval floats, the 'kaare', not to bring them into the city this year. Furthermore, outdoor celebrations will be facilitated as much as possible with outdoor buffets, outdoor music and toilets.

John Paulus, chairman of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland, Maastricht-Heuvelland division. "As hospitality industry we are very happy with the space offered, but we also understand very well that this year is different. We also take our responsibility in this. Together with the gemeente we were able to make good arrangements and we are ready for a great Vastelaovend!"


The organised events of Vastelaovend that are usually scheduled were discussed with the Tempeleers. Here too, the line is that Carnaval is different this year, and that the events are fewer and more limited. For example, the raising and lowering of 't Mooswief (dialect for “vegetable woman" at the market – the icon of Carnaval in Maastricht) will be small-scale. The parades on Sunday and Monday will go ahead, but without floats. The brass bands, called Zate Hermeniekes (dialect for “tipsy brass bands”), will not perform on outdoor stages. The annual zate hermeniekesconcours will be replaced by a Daag vaan ’t Zate Hermenieke, a day dedicated to the brass bands.  

Burgemeester Penn-te Strake: "There was a good chance that, for example, a spontaneous procession would have taken place anyway, and that people would have wanted to start and end the Vastelaovend on the Vrijthof. From a safety point of view, it is better to regulate then. We do that together with the Tempeleers."

Armand Peereboom, spokesperson of the Tempeleers: "As an association, we always looked at what would be possible. That suddenly became a lot more last week because of all the relaxations, but we also have a social duty. That is why we understand and support that this year is different than usual. Smaller and more limited, as indicated. We call on the Carnavalsvierders (people who celebrate Carnaval) to stick to that. Let's be happy that more is possible this year than last."  


Translation: RTV Maastricht - News in English
Press release: Gemeente Maastricht