6 July 2022 - Press release

Connectedness at the heart of the coalition agreement

‘Maastricht, city of connectedness' is the title of the 2022-2026 coalition agreement. The parties Seniorenpartij Maatricht, D66, CDA, PvdA, PVM, VVD and Volt presented the agreement on 7 June 2022.


Connectedness is central to the agreement, which is related to connection in various areas: Connection within the city between all residents of Maastricht, Connection with the city that is a home for all its inhabitants and connection of the city with its partners and the (Eu)region.

Twelve themes are addressed in the coalition agreement: community resilience in districts - spatial development - safety and liveability - housing - climate and energy - participation - economy and labour market - culture - sport and exercise - maastricht and the (Eu)region - education and youth - governance, organisation and finance.

Frans Bastiaens, party leader of Seniorenpartij Maastricht on behalf of the parties: “We have formulated ambitions and concrete actions in relation to these 12 themes to help our city move forward. This is a major task, but we are all convinced that we can take great steps with this agreement.” 

Each party provides a full-time member of the municipal executive. The members of the municipal executive will be installed on 14 June, a day after the municipal council debate on the agreement. The (prospective) members of the municipal executive and their portfolios are listed below.

  • Frans Bastiaens (Seniorenpartij): Spatial Development, Culture and Cultural Heritage, Community Resilience, Policy for the Elderly. Committed to the Maastricht North-West district. 
  • Johan Pas (D66): Housing, Education, Spatial Quality, Student City. Committed to the Maastricht South-West district. 
  • Niels Peeters (CDA): Economy, Flooding, Nature and Landscapes, Animal Welfare, Sport and Leisure, Permits. Committed to the Maastricht East district. 
  • Manon Fokke (PvdA): Finance, Government Operations, Citizen Participation, Lobbying. Committed to the Maastricht West district. 
  • Alex Meij (PVM): Social Affairs and Poverty Policy, Youth Services and GGD, Real Estate and Land Policy, Personnel and Organisation. Committed to the Maastricht North district. 
  • John Aarts (VVD): Hospitality and Events, Mobility, Sustainability, City Management. Committed to the Maastricht Centre district. 
  • Anita Bastiaans (Volt): Social Support Act, Welfare, Sustainable Social Domain, Europe and the Euregion. Committed to the Maastricht South district 

Visit our coalition agreement page for a summary and the full coalition agreement (both available in English).