22 March 2022 - Press release

Municipal council elections: allocation of seats remains the same

The provisional number of seats allocated to each political party in the municipal council – which was published on Wednesday evening – remains unchanged. See the table below for the results of the municipal council elections.

Party Number of seats Number of votes
Seniorenpartij 5 4,869
D66 4 4,597
CDA 4 4,538
Partij van de Arbeid 4


Partij Veilig Maastricht 3 3,413  
VVD 3 3,152
Partij voor de Dieren 2 2,547
Volt 2 2,218
SP (Socialistische Partij) 2 2,126
PVV (Partij voor de Vrijheid) 1 1,232
50PLUS 1 1,063
SAB Sociaal Actieve Burgerpartij 1 1,055
M:OED 1 998
Liberale Partij Maastricht 1 992
Forum voor Democratie 1 964

A total of 45,125 votes were cast in Maastricht. The turnout was 45 percent.

The electoral quota is 1,157. The central polling station of the municipality of Maastricht determined the final election results on Monday 21 March 2022. A public session was held on 21 March 2022 at 10.00 am. You can watch a recording of the public session on Parlaeus

You can find all results on the page Municipal council election results 2022 | Gemeente Maastricht.

Counting procedure

On Wednesday evening, all 60 polling stations did a first quick count at list level, so that the provisional results could be presented in the City Hall as soon as possible. Thursday morning at 8.30 am the central counting started. All ballots were recounted and counted at candidate level. The numbers were entered into the counting programme, which was completed on Friday morning.