14 June 2022 - Press release

Summary of the coalition agreement in English and Mestreechs

Connectedness is the central theme of the 2022 - 2026 coalition agreement of the new municipal executive of Maastricht. Since language is an essential precondition for connectedness, the new coalition of Seniorenpartij Maastricht, D66, CDA, PvdA, PVM, VVD and Volt have decided to have the summary of the new agreement translated into English and Mestreechs. 

Frans Bastiaans on behalf of the new coalition: "We aim to increasingly involve the residents of our city in governance and policy. Language is a major part of that. Municipal communication is in Dutch and English by default, because of the large group of internationals in the city. We also want to give Mestreechs a more prominent role if it suits the subject. Because we are proud of our dialect, and our dialect can help close the gap between the city hall and community centres. We have made a start with the summary of the coalition agreement."

An infographic with icons will also be created based on the coalition agreement.

The new coalition would like to thank Veldeke Mestreech for the help in translating the summary of the coalition agreement into Mestreechs.

Read the summary

Download the full coalition agreement

The full coalition agreement is available in English and in Dutch.