Corona information point for citizens

On the websites of the Security Region Zuid-Limburg and the Dutch government you will find all the information about the measures announced by the government and what these measures may mean for you (residents and businesses). We ask you to first look at these websites for the answers to your questions and the latest news. Below you will find information for Maastricht residents, for example about municipal services. There is also a separate page with information for entrepreneurs.  Do you still have questions? Call +31 43 350 40 40.
  • Municipal Servicedesk

    Before you visit the Municipal Servicedesk please read the informatie on our contact information page.

  • Cultural institutions


    You can find more information on the municipal cultural institutions on the websites of Centre Céramique, Kumulus, Theater aan het Vrijthof, and the Natural History Museum Maastricht .

  • Events

    More information about events can be found on the website of the central government:  You want to organize an event? Then please report this to the municipality or apply for a permit

    Street artists

    You can report a performance by sending an email to evenementen [at]">evenementen [at]
    This mail must contain the following information:

    • In which name should the notification be placed? (This person has to have an ID with him/her) plus telephone number and e-mail address.
    • On which days do you want to play and where?
    • You need to confirm that those who will perform only come with 2 people and do not produce more sound than 85 d(Ba).
    • You need to confirm that you will play a maximum of 45 minutes per performance and then leave. It is not allowed to play for an hour and a half on the same (and direct surroundings of) location.

    Without a confirmed notification by mail from the GemeenteLoket you are not allowed to perform.

  • Marriage and funeral

    Check the page Wedding in Maastricht for more information if you have wedding plans. 

    Information about funerals can be found on the website of the central government.


  • Bicycle-parking facilities

    On you will find an overview of all bicycle parking facilities in the city and more information.

  • Municipal council

    The city council will organise online meetings. The Temporary Deliberation and Decision-Making Act makes online decision-making possible. These meetings can be followed via livestream and are therefore public. City laps can unfortunately not take place. The city council therefore calls on all residents to share their contributions with the council in writing or by video message. If you have any questions, please contact griffie [at] (the registry).

  • Shops and opening hours

    Check the website

  • Sport facilities and swimming in Maastricht

    More information can be found at the website of Geusseltbad and on the website of Maastricht Sport.

  • Weekly markets in Maastricht

    The various markets in Maastricht have been fully restarted. The markets can therefore be fully built up again (i.e. food and non-food) on the Market. 

    Please note: the Friday market takes place at 2 locations: on the Market and on the Vrijthof. The large Friday market is divided over the two squares to meet the one and a half meter measures. It was decided to spread the various product groups over both squares. So both the Market and the Vrijthof are home to food and non-food. It may well be that you will find the favourite cheese-maker on the Markt and the favourite fabric trade on the Vrijthof. The various products are scattered as much as possible.
    On all markets the rules as they are known by now apply:

    ↔️ keep your distance
    ❌ avoid crowds
    ⛔️ eating and drinking on the spot is forbidden.

    More general information about the markets in Maastricht you will find on

  • Pedestrian routes

    Check the website of You'll find more information on safely navigating the city.

  • Social Affairs Maastricht Heuvelland

    1. I need care or support and would like to talk to the municipality, but I have to stay at home because of the corona crisis. What should I do now? Call us at +31 43 350 40 40. The Social Affairs staff are ready to answer your questions by phone. An additional conversation can also take place by telephone during the coronary crisis, after which any help or care will be initiated.
    2. I will receive help or care via the Wmo. Will this continue during the coronary crisis? The care provider that provides help or care to you will continue to do this as much as possible, but must follow the guidelines of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). If this means that the care has to be organised in a different way, the care provider will inform you of this itself. The care provider will also consult with the municipality. If you have any further questions about this, please contact Social Affairs via telephone number 14043.

    3. The social teams no longer give consultation hours because of the corona virus. Where can I go now? As long as the restrictive measures of our government apply, there will be no consultation hours in the neighbourhood. However, you can put your question to the social team in your neighbourhood by phone, e-mail or Facebook. Click here for the contact details of the social team in your neighbourhood.

    4. I am a care provider and have a question about the consequences of the corona crisis for the care or support provided by my organisation. Where can I go? You can contact your contact person at Social Affairs or the staff of the Social Domain team Zuid-Limburg via inkoopteamsd [at] Also look here for the frequently asked questions from care providers about the corona crisis.
    5. I am freelancer/entrepreneur and I am losing income due to the corona crisis. Where can I apply for extra temporary financial support? We are working hard so that you can apply for this scheme as soon as possible. The preparations are almost ready. Keep an eye on the website of Social Affairs Maastricht Heuvelland. The application form for the arrangement will be put online as soon as possible.
    6. I am dependent on the Food Bank. Will I get a food package during the corona crisis? Existing customers of the Voedselbank still receive a package in the regular manner. The Voedselbank cannot accept new customers during the corona crisis.