Corona support point for Entrepreneurs

On the website of the central government you will find all information about the announced measures for entrepreneurs. We kindly ask you to take a look at this website first. On this webpage you will find information about what the Government measures mean for municipal services for entrepreneurs. And you will find specific information that only applies to Maastricht and any partner municipalities. 

National income support arrangement

For entrepreneurs and the self-employed who are in financial difficulties due to the corona crisis, the government has announced the arrangement 'Temporary income support for the self-employed'. This scheme is implemented by the municipality. You can receive support in two forms: your income can be supplemented for a maximum of 3 months or you can apply for a loan to supplement your working capital. You can apply for the scheme here.

Information about national measures

Measures have already been announced nationwide. An overview of all the national regulations can be found as a pdf. download on the website of the central government (in Dutch only). Do you have any questions? Please check the information on the website of the Chamber of Commerce (in Dutch only) or contact the Coronaloket via 0800-2117.

Local measures Municipality of Maastricht

  1. Rent deferral: tenants of municipal commercial real estate or tenants of social real estate (sports clubs, community houses, cultural institutions) can be granted a three month rent deferral from 1 April. Request your postponement here.
  2. Postponement of payment of municipal taxes: the Belastingsamenwerking Gemeenten en Waterschappen Limburg (BsGW) grants postponement of payment to entrepreneurs and institutions that are seriously affected by the corona crisis. This applies to the following municipal taxes: property tax, sewerage levies, waste disposal levies, cleaning duties, precarious tax, advertising tax and tourist tax. This postponement of local taxes runs from 23 March to 1 July 2020. Fees for permits do not fall under the possibilities for postponement. Click here for more information about the scheme (in Dutch only).

Frequently asked questions

  • Financial situation

    1. Because of the coronary measures, I am in acute need of money to pay for my life's necessities such as groceries. What can I do? Do you have acute financial distress due to the corona crisis? Then you can apply for an advance payment on the Temporary Bridging scheme Independent Entrepreneurs (Tozo) scheme that the municipality implements. You can indicate on the application form that you would like an advance payment. In that case, you can quickly receive an advance payment. Please note that due to the huge run on applications, it is very busy on our website and you may experience inconvenience when applying. Please try again later.

    2. I thought there was also an emergency fund available from which you can receive € 4000 as an entrepreneur. I don't read anything about this on your website. Right, that is because it is not us as a municipality but the Rijksoverheid voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) that makes this emergency fund available. You will soon be able to apply for this emergency fund on the RVO website.  

    3. I am in trouble because of the corona measures and I need money. Which schemes can help me? On the website of the Rijksoverheid you will find all information about the available financial schemes.

    4. For a moment I don't know how to arrange it all. Who can help me? Stichting Ondernemersklankbord offers its help free of charge in this crisis. More information can be found on their website (in Dutch only).

    5. Are there examples of crisis plans for companies? Yes, there are. The Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW), MKB-Nederland and AWVN have together drawn up a guide containing points of attention (in Dutch only) for prevention, risk management, a business continuity plan and information about employment law.

    6. Do I have to file a wage tax return? Yes, right now, because the UWV needs the data from the wage tax returns for the Noodfonds Overbrugging Werkgelegenheid (NOW) scheme. So that employees can continue to pay. And your employees who end up at home, or become ill, receive wages. Check the website of the government for more information. 

    7. Can I apply for a tax deferral? Anyone who has run into payment problems as a result of the coronavirus can apply for a special postponement of payment. This arrangement applies to the payment of payroll taxes, but also to the payment of turnover tax (VAT), income tax and corporation tax. The request applies as a request for deferment of payment, but not as a deferment of filing a tax return. It simply has to be done on time. 
      However, should it really not be possible to file a tax return now, then it is possible to apply for a postponement to the tax return. A written request must be sent to this effect:  Belastingdienst, P.O. Box 8738, 4820 BA Breda. Check the website of the Tax authorities (in Dutch only).

    8. Can DMSs who work in their own private limited liability company also apply for NOW (Temporary Emergency Measure Bridging to Maintain Employment) for themselves? DMS, entrepreneurs and owners are not included in the NOW scheme. Directors of private limited liability companies are included, provided that they are covered by the employee insurance schemes and premium is withheld from wages for this purpose. More information can be found on the website of the central government (in Dutch only).

  • Assistance in applying

    1. When completing the application, a copy of the bank statement will be requested.  Is that the business or private bank account (or both)?  It is a copy of your private account. 
    2. My address details will be filled in automatically in the application form after I have logged in with DigiD.  However, these details are no longer correct, but I cannot change them manually.  What should I do?  The application process is linked to the name and address details of the municipal personal records database.  (GBA).  You can change this by communicating your move to the municipality in which you live.  In order not to delay the application process, please go through the application process and e-mail the correct address with your name to noodmaatregelondernemers [at]
  • Cross-border entrepreneurship

    1. I live in Belgium and have a company in the Netherlands (or vice versa).  Where can I find information that applies to me? The questions that can already be answered are answered on the website of the Grensinfopunt.
    2. I live in Belgium/Germany, but have established my company in your municipality. I do not meet the conditions to apply for financial support. And now what? For the time being, you are indeed falling between two stools. We find this very annoying and we understand your concerns and have raised this with the ministry that determines the conditions for the arrangement. We are waiting to see what can be done about possible customisation. Keep an eye on this page for up-to-date information.
    3. I want to make use of the Emergency Fund: the so-called €4000,- arrangement. Where can I go for this? In the Netherlands, the central government implements this arrangement. For the Belgian nuisance allowance you can contact the Agency for Innovation and Business. For the German Soforthilfe you can contact the Bundesfinanzministerium.
    4. I live in a border region. Can I cross the Dutch-Belgian or Dutch-German border? The Grensinfopunt answers this question on their website. Here you will find information about Belgium and here about Germany.
    5. What is an official Belgian website where information can be found? You can find information about this on the website
    6. What is an official German website where information can be found? You can find information about this on the website of the Bundesministerium der Finanzen.
  • Shops and catering

    1. All places to eat and drink are closed.  Is it still possible to pick up and deliver? The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport answers this question under the heading 'Daily life' on their website (in Dutch only).
    2. What are the store opening hours in Maastricht? On the website of Visit Maastricht you will find the opening hours currently used by most shops.

  • Requested/offered help

    1. I want to offer a service. Where can I place my offer?  In this time of corona crisis, all kinds of new solutions and initiatives are emerging to help entrepreneurs. MKB-Nederland and VNO-NCW call on parties to share their ideas but also questions with each other on the platform set up for this purpose (in Dutch only). Participation is free of charge.
  • Loading and unloading city centre

    1. Loading and unloading: for the time being, the window times for loading and unloading in the city centre will also be cancelled, provisionally until 6 April. You can find the current information about this at the product loading and unloading (in Dutch only).
  • Various

    1. Can my event take place? All events requiring a permit/notification until 1 June 2020 are prohibited, even with less than 100 people.
    2. Can my event be moved, can I register a new event? We can imagine that you would like to move your event to a later time this year. However, this will not be easy. The established Annual Programme Events 2020 does not offer too much space in the months of June to December. We would therefore like to urge you to submit a new application before 2021. Applications for placement on the Annual Programme 2021 can be made via Of course you are free to submit a request for relocation anyway, you can do so by sending an email to evenementen [at] For both relocations and events before 2021, we cannot make promises about dates. As soon as there is more visibility when the measures for events come to an end, it will only be possible to see if certain events can be moved. Only then can we see whether your request for the annual programme 2021 can be honoured. This means that you can submit your request for (re)placement on the annual programme, but that a decision on this will be postponed until that time.
    3. Can I still do business internationally? In order to keep international trade going as much as possible, the state is widening the possibilities for export credit insurances as of 26 March. The measures will help prevent companies from incurring greater payment risks, running into extra liquidity problems or having to shut down international projects. For more information go to the website of the RVO. 
    4. As a cultural organisation, I cannot meet all the performance agreements in the subsidy agreement. What does this mean for the amount of the subsidy? Do I get less, do I have to pay back? Entrepreneurs in culture can make use of all the business arrangements on this website. Please also take a look at the scheme for self-employed persons. In addition, we are currently working on incentive schemes with regard to the performance agreements in the subsidy agreements, which can help the subsidised organisations. We hope to provide more clarity in the near future.