Extract basisregistratie personen

An extract from the basisregistratie personen (BRP) contains data such as your name, address, date of birth and/or other data. This depends on where you need the extract for. An extract costs €13,80 (in 2020).

Three ways to request an extract

You can request an extract from the basisregistratie personen (BRP) in 2 ways:

Directly online

The fastest way. You receive the extract by post within 7 days of application.

By post

You must send us the following information:

If you would like to request an extract for someone else, you need a written permission, your ID and a copy of the ID of the person for which you are requesting the extract.

Do you need the extract, for example, for a retirement application? Take or send a proof that you need this extract and you will get it for free.

More information at Rijksoverheid.nl (in Dutch)