Historische raadzaal Stadhuis (historic council chamber of the city hall)

Couples can choose to get married in the historic council chamber of the town hall. The council chamber has recently been fully restored and can accommodate large groups of up to 100 people.

Fotograaf Ad Utens

Taking photos and videos is allowed in the wedding hall. Music is no problem.


Bridal couples are allowed to park 1 car or vehicle at the front or at the back of the city hall at Markt. The building has a lift at the back for people with a disability.

Due to the Wednesday and Friday markets you cannot park at Markt on these days. Request info about parking and access by sending an email to huwelijk [at] maastricht.nl. The vibrant atmosphere of the market adds extra charm to your wedding day.

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Experience and discover Maastricht's city hall: watch the video Grandeur op de Markt on YouTube or take a virtual tour through the city hall.

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