Hetty van Dongen

Hetty van Dongen

Wedding celebrant

Trouwambtenaar Hetty van Dongen

I am Hetty, a cheerful, enthusiastic woman with an entrepreneurial spirit. I am a real bon vivant. For me, life is one big, adventurous journey. I let myself be guided by things that cross my path – I go with the flow. That’s how I recently became a wedding official for the municipality of Maastricht.

Life is all about love: to love and to feel loved
It's that simple
Love is life

People inspire me. I love people and like to do things for others. Although my own love life was not really a bed of roses until recently, I have always believed in love. Life can be crazy sometimes. After all, isn’t it beautiful that I – as a wedding celebrant – can now give a meaningful interpretation to you sealing your love for each other?

Happy with Hetty

During an introductory meeting I will listen to your beautiful stories and crazy anecdotes, ask questions and get to the heart of the matter. I will include this in my own story and write a nice, formal or informal speech – whatever suits you best. I will always add a touch of humor and fun, because that's just part of me. In Dutch, German, English or, if desired, in Spanish. I like to think out of the box and brainstorm with you about the ceremony. In doing so, I will take your wishes into account. The content of the speech for example, your music preferences, possible recitals and the exchange of wedding rings. If you prefer an alternative to rings, I have enough ideas. Nothing’s too crazy for me. I would love to help you make your day even more memorable. If you are Happy, then I am Happy. Happy with Hetty!

About me

Cheerful, sociable, empathetic, curious, driven, spontaneous, helpful, creative, energetic, refreshing and hilariously unhinged.

In addition to my work as a wedding celebrant, I have enjoyed working as a marketer for Theater aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht since 2016, where I promote musicals, shows, theatre concerts, classical music and opera. If you like theatre, I hope to see you there – the beautiful Edmond Hustinx room is one of the wedding venues in the municipality of Maastricht.