Moving abroad

Are you moving abroad? Or will you live abroad for at least 8 months? Please notify us of your change of address. Even if you don’t sell your Maastricht house or rent it out. 

Do you need a deregistration certificate?

Check with the municipality in your new place of residence whether you need a certificate of deregistration. You can only apply for this certificate when you report your emigration. Unfortunately, this is not possible at this time via the online application form, but only via e-mail:

Send an e-mail to Post-gemeenteloketreizenendocumenten [at] with the subject line: 'deregistration certificate'.

Please include your name, address and contact information. Please include your date of birth. State the case number of your emigration notification. Your request will not be processed without the case number. 

Please note: You cannot apply to the Maastricht local authority for a certificate of deregistration at a later date, and we will have to refer you to the register of non-residents (RNI).

You will receive the proof of deregistration by post or by e-mail. On the emigration date or after.

We will pass on your change of address to several authorities, such as:

  • Tax Office
  • Health Insurer
  • Social Insurance Bank
  • Pension Fund

At you will read more about who has or does not have access to your data.

  • If you do not have DigiD, please download our notification form and send it to us by mail or post.