Financial support for self-employed professionals

If your business has financial problems, you can apply for financial support called Bbz benefits (Bbz = Besluit bijstandverlening zelfstandigen).

On this page you will find information about Bbz benefits for self-employed professionals. The benefits are available to all entrepreneurs who are unable to earn a minimum income and who meet the set conditions. The benefits were temporarily changed (until 1 April 2022) to give more support during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Applying for Bbz benefits for self-employed professionals

You are eligible for income support under Bbz 2004 depending on your household composition and your income. You can check whether you are eligible by completing the questionnaire on (in Dutch only).

Please note: the questionnaire is not an application form. The form only checks your eligibility for Bbz benefits.

You can apply if the Bbz check says that you may be entitled to benefits. Contact Zelfstandigenloket Maastricht and describe your situation to do so. Zelfstandigenloket will check whether you qualify for municipal support or whether there are other options for you.


  • Phone: +31 6 27 19 65 31
  • Email: zelfstandigenloket [at] (zelfstandigenloket[at]maastricht[dot]nl)

Report a change in your circumstances

Did you get Bbz benefits under the changed Bbz scheme and have your personal circumstances changed? Report the changes as soon as possible. Use the online form to report changes using your DigiD. You can report changes until 1 June 2022.

You may need to report changes in your own and your partner’s personal details, changes in your (family) income and the termination of your Bbz benefits. Once you fill in the form, we will process the changes and make sure you keep getting the right amount of benefits. 

  • You do not have to pay any interest over the period from 1 January 2021 to 30 June 2022. 

    The business loan(s) must be repaid from 1 July 2022.

  • Would you like to report a change, such as a request for payment deferral, adjusted company details or the bankruptcy of your company? Use the online form to report the change using your DigiD. 

    Once you fill in the form, we will make sure your request is processed properly.

    You can call Zelfstandigenloket Maastricht during office hours if you have any questions. Phone: + 31 6 27 19 65 31. You can also send an email to zelfstandigenloket [at]