Maastricht Awards

The Maastricht Award is presented to a business owner who excels in their field through innovation, their work and their way of dealing with customers and guests.

‘Chromin’, ‘Rebelle Maastricht’ en ‘Luxury Dadelbonbons by Herbs & Lime’ win Maastricht Awards 2022

Amid great interest, the Maastricht Awards 2022 were presented Monday evening at the Maastricht City Hall. With the Maastricht Awards, the Municipality of Maastricht wants to express appreciation for entrepreneurs in the city and thus underline the importance of entrepreneurs for the city's economy.

During the tenth edition, three prizes were up for grabs; three companies were nominated for each Award. Chromin is winner of the Made In Maastricht Award and Luxury Dadelbonbons by Herbs & Lime gets to go home with the Business Take-Off Award. The Hospitality Award was won by Rebelle Maastricht. They won no less than two awards and also took home the audience award, The Maastricht Award Pluim.

The surprise of the evening was the Maastricht Oeuvre Award for Robin Berben of Café Sjiek in recognition of more than 40 years of successful contribution to the image of Limburg's burgundian capital.

Before the presentation, the nominated entrepreneurs and attendees were addressed by Edith Schippers (President DSM Europe), Ton Geurts & Hans Willems (BISCI) and Hubert Mackus (Alderman for Economy of the Municipality of Maastricht). During an interactive Intermezzo, provided by the Municipality of Maastricht, Rabobank, Les Tables and The Student Hotel Maastricht, guests discovered more of City Hall. The presentation was in the hands of Leon Verdonschot.

Partners Maastricht Awards

  • Gemeente Maastricht
  • Rabobank
  • The Student Hotel Maastricht
  • Maastricht Culinair
  • Les Tables
  • Koninklijke Horeca Nederland
  • Centrummanagement Maastricht
  • Koenen & Co


The expert and independent judges are:

  • Lou Nelissen, chairman - Former director Business Rabobank
  • Bouwien Janssen - Director development & alumni relations. Director of University Fund Limburg | UM
  • Jan Jansen - European Operations Optimisation Manager | Sibelco / COE Leader Energy and board member of Samenwerkende Industrieterreinen Maastricht (SIM)
  • Laura Nieboer (Winner 2018) - Owner/Founder | Innowastion
  • Esther Paulus-Maalsté - Store Manager | Bijenkorf
  • Paul Damoiseaux -  Owner / director PD Advies in Gastvrijheidszaken / Bestuurslid Samenwerkende Industrieterreinen Maastricht (SIM)
  • The Rabo Made in Maastricht Award

    This award is meant for the company that is successful with ideas, designs, products of services or with a business concept, originating from Maastricht, and intended to provide a business card for the city. When choosing the winner for this award the judges will consider:

    • The importance of a company, established in Maastricht, for Maastricht and the surrounding area
    • Employment and employment growth
    • The business owner's level of ambition
    • Innovation, willingness to invest, distinctive character of the company
    • Customer service and personnel policy.

    The judges will assess the applications in all categories, starting with the written information on the application form. In a next phase, the jury members will visit a number of businesses that, based on the first assessment, have a chance to win a Maastricht Award.

    The Maastricht Business Take-off award

    This prize is intended to encourage and strengthen entrepreneurship among students and other entrepreneurs up to 35 years and to give them a helping hand to develop further as an entrepreneur.In awarding  this, the judges will assess the following criteria:

    • What is innovative about your idea/company?
    • Which strategic partners do you work with?
    • What is your revenue model?
    • What is the added value for the city and region?
    • Does the company/idea have added social value?

    Candidates for this Award can present themselves with both an idea and a business. Again, the judges will make a pre-selection based on the written information on the application form and will then visit the business.

    The Hospitality Award

    This prize is awarded to the most hospitable entrepreneur in Maastricht in the retail and catering sector. For the award the following additional criteria apply:

    • The hospitality of the participants makes a difference and everyone feels welcome. These are core values of the service provided by the participants.
    • The participants are attentive, have a personal approach and are service-oriented. Accessibility and authenticity are important here. Ambience, experience, quality, customer loyalty, innovation, innovation, distinctiveness and responsible business management in both the short and long term complete the criteria.

Made in Maastricht

The award ceremony of the Maastricht Awards is one of the many activities that the municipality of Maastricht organises in the context of Made in Maastricht. The municipality aims to encourage distinctive Maastricht entrepreneurship in the city. Made in Maastricht showcases how people work and do business in Maastricht, and promotes the unique products that are invented, designed or manufactured in the city.

Any questions

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