Sexual harassment

Have you experienced sexual harassment or sexual violence? No one should make you feel unsafe or touch you in that way. If this has happened to you, it is not your fault. On this page we would like to give you an overview of where you can go for information, advice and help that suits you best.

  • For emergencies, it is best to call 112.

    Anyone can become a victim of unwanted sexual behavior. If you’ve recently had an unwanted sexual experience, seeking professional help may not be the first thing on your mind. However, we advise you to seek appropriate help as soon as possible. For immediate help, go to the website of the Sexual Assault Center. Or contact them by phone: 0800 0188.

  • It is good to know that there is no fixed order when going through the process of finding (professional) help. Would you like to talk to someone about this and explore the possibilities? Then you can contact a professional at the Sexual Assault Center Limburg. This is free of charge and anonymous via chat, their contact form or by calling them. Together you’ll make an overview of the possibilities and you can make a choice of the actions you want to take. Go to for more information and direct help.

    Are you not looking for direct help but first want more information? Then look in the drop-down menu below for an overview of aid organizations in Maastricht that you can contact.

    • Sexuality, contraception and STD testing
      Have you had an unwanted sexual experience and are you at risk for a sexually transmitted disease (STD)? Then you can go to the GGD for a test and when necessary treatment. This is free of charge. The GGD nurses and doctors can also help you with questions about sexuality, unwanted sexual experiences and contraception. For an appointment, more information or advice you can call their call center: 088 880 5072.
    • Street harassment by catcalling
      Have you experienced (sexual) street harassment? Through the Instagramaccount Cat Calls of Maastricht you can share your experience anonymously with the aim to raise awareness about sexual harassment and catcalls on the streets of Maastricht.
    • What to do in case of online sexual abuse
      Are you looking for anonymous advice about private nude pictures circulating online? Did you have to deal with being sexually approached online, being blackmailed with nude pictures or other forms of online sexual abuse? Read more on the Help Wanted website. The site is only available in Dutch, but via this link you can chat anonymously in English with one of their staff members and test how safe you are online.
    • What to do in case of drink spiking. Or with questions about the influence of drugs on sex.
      Has someone put alcohol or drugs in your drink without your permission or knowledge (drink spiking) and do you have questions about it? Or do you have questions about the influence of drugs on sex? Then please contact Prevention Mondriaan. Go to and click on the chat button 'Questions about alcohol, drugs & addiction'  at the bottom of the page to chat anonymously with a prevention worker. Would you prefer to contact a prevention worker directly? Mail to preventie [at] (preventie[at]mondriaan[dot]eu) or call 088 506 72 00. The prevention worker will gladly offer  consultation and information about the effects of drugs.
    • General Practitioner
      You may decide that you want to consult with your general practitioner first. A general practitioner can provide information and advice, answer your questions, but can also refer you to help that is right for you. In addition, Maastricht has a city clinic where you can attend a sexology consultation after being referred by your general practitioner. On this website you can find which general practitioners work at the sexology clinic.
    • The Police (vice department)
      The vice police is there to investigate sex crimes such as sexual assault, rape, indecent exposure and sexting. They are there to report the crime, provide information and can refer ou to help. You can reach them by email at zedenlimburg [at] (zedenlimburg[at]politie[dot]nl) or by phone during office hours: 088 168 9289 and 0900 8844 outside office hours.
    • LGBTI+
      COC Limburg strives for an inclusive and diverse society in which everyone is safe and accepted. Unfortunately, many LHBTI's still experience discrimination, violence, loneliness and psychological problems. COC Limburg offers you an accessible way to make social contacts. Have a drink in Café Rosé or put your talents to work as a volunteer in one of our working groups. COC Limburg is not a healthcare organization, but they can help to refer you in the right direction.
    • LGBTI+ Police Network
      Pink in Blue (Roze in Blauw) is a national police network with a hotline for lesbian women, gay men, bisexuals, transgender and intersex people (LHBTI+) who experience discrimination, threats, abuse or other criminal matters related to their sexual orientation or gender identity. You can contact them by phone at 088-1691234. Or send an e-mail to RozeinBlauw [at] (RozeinBlauw[at]politie[dot]nl)
    • Antidiscrimination Service Limburg
      Antidiscrimination Service Limburg (ADV Limburg) identifies, prevents and combats discrimination and unequal treatment. Everyone has the right to be treated equally. Please contact ADV Limburg when you’ve been treated unequally and they’ll give you information, advice and help. You can contact them by phone at 043 321 8489. Or send an e-mail to meldpunt [at] (meldpunt[at]advlimburg[dot]nl)
    • Social workers Trajekt
      Are you between 14 and 27 years old?  Are you struggling in a number of areas in your life? Are you looking for help with organizing paperwork, someone to offer consultation and a coach who supports you in matters you encounter in daily life? Then please get in touch with the Social Workers at Trajekt. You can also go there if you have had an encounter with loverboys.
    • Social Team Maastricht
      In Maastricht there are 7 social teams active that can be reached by phone, online and in person. The teams consist of various experts who can help you when you don't know where to turn with your question. More information can be found on the social team website.
    • Youth Care
      For young people, their families, but also adults who have had to deal with both physical and psychological violence, Youth Care organization Xonar offers specialist assistance aimed at restoring someone's safety and treating possible traumas. For more information please visit or call: 088 119 1888

    For more answers to your questions

    Are you looking for answers to questions that deal with sex, falling in love, love and everything that comes with it? Then please visit the Sense website.

    Visit the website of the Sexual Assault Center when you have questions about sexual violence, sexual assault, rape, online sexual violence, consequences of sexual violence, about the Sexual Assault Center and finding professional help or about contacting the Police.

    Haven’t found what you were looking for?

    Please visit and for more information about organizations that provide help and stories of victims and what helped them.

    • Do you see unwanted sexual behavior?
      Unwanted sexual behavior is not okay, neither at concerts, festivals and clubs. If you think someone is being harassed help them by asking, "Are you okay? For more information and tips on how to recognize and prevent unwanted sexual behavior in the nightlife setting, visit the Are you okay campaign website.
    • Supporting someone in your community?
      After an unwanted sexual experience, it is helping for the victim when someone is there for him or her. Your support can make a big difference. The professionals at the Sexual Assault Center can learn you more about what you can do if someone close to you has had an unwanted sexual experience. On the website of 'Samen Helen' (Healing Together) you’ll find conversationtools when someone tells you about their unwanted sexual experience.

    • Amnesty's campaign #LetsTalkAboutYES
      Amnesty is campaigning to ensure that the norm in the Netherlands is that sex is based on equality, voluntariness and consent. Rape is a human rights violation. With the public campaign #LetsTalkAboutYES they want to start a dialogue, especially among young people, about sex and consent. Visit their website for up-to-date information on the campaign and the new law to protect rape victims.

    • Information for parents and educators
      Are you a parent (or youth professional) and do you have questions about parenting and sexuality? The Center for ‘Jeugd en Gezin’ (Youth and Family) Maastricht and Heuvelland offers online answers to everyday questions about parenting and the development of children and young people. For more information, please visit:

    • Information for professionals
      As a professional, you may encounter a victim of sexual violence. Do you have questions about this? Please feel free to call the Sexual Assault Center in your area. Visit their website for

  • Disclaimer

    In reducing sexual violence, we also want to provide information for people who are wondering how to prevent their behavior from being or having been transgressive. This section is for people who want to change themselves, however, this information may be triggering for people who have experienced sexual violence, so if you prefer not to read anything about this you can skip this drop down menu.

    • Let’s talk about flirting
      Everyone has a different boundary for what behavior they consider desirable or undesirable. It is not always clear where this boundary lies. Therefore, check whether the other person likes it just as much as you do, with the simple question: Are you okay? Check out the Ben je oké? campaign website and do the flirt test.
    • Treatment at Radix
      If you have committed or are in danger of committing a sex crime and are in contact with the judicial system, Radix Mondriaan offers help. With the help of various treatments, sometimes in combination with care and protected living, they will help you to prevent sexually transgressive behavior. Get in touch with Radix via: