Accessible voting for all

Gemeente Maastricht (the municipality of Maastricht) wants to make voting accessible for everyone – including people with bad eyesight, wheelchair users or people with another disability. Maybe you don’t know yet how to vote. You can find more information on this page. 

If you have poor vision, are blind or have trouble reading

About 350,000 people in the Netherlands are blind or have poor vision. A visual impairment can make it difficult to vote. We therefore provide a magnifying glass with lighting at every polling station. At three polling stations we take an extra step for people with a visual impairment. You can use a sound box and voting stencil at Provincie Limburg (provincial government building), het Stadhuis (city hall) and Centre Ceramique.

A voting stencil is a tool with holes in it for people with a visual impairment. The ballot is placed in the voting stencil. You can hear which parties and candidates are on the list via the sound box with headphones. Tactile numbers and braille on the stencil indicate the political parties.

Tactile paving allows you to find your way to the registration table and polling booth by yourself.

You can use the aids above if you are blind or have poor vision, have difficulty reading and writing or have limited hand and/or arm function.

Voting: how it works

You may not (yet) be familiar with elections and voting in the Netherlands. Visit our page Poll card / proxy voting to learn more about casting your vote or consul Kiesraad for more information about= voting.

Prokkel pair

People with a learning disability can volunteer at polling stations. They are supported in their work by another polling station worker. Together they form a "Prokkel pair". People with a learning disability can do the same work at polling stations as other people.

This project was set up by the Prokkel Foundation.

Voting by yourself if you have difficulty walking

You can get help to vote if it is difficult for you to get to a polling station, for example because you are in a wheelchair. A polling station staff member or someone you know can assist you.

57 of the 60 polling stations in Maastricht are accessible to people who use a wheelchair, rollator or mobility scooter. Guide dogs and assistance dogs are also allowed in everywhere.

Authorise someone to vote for you

If you are unable to vote in person, you can appoint someone to vote on your behalf. This is called voting by proxy. Visit our page about proxy voting to learn more.