Litter occurs when people throw away or leave things behind in places where they shouldn't, either deliberately or accidentally. Litter makes the streets look dirty, attracts vermin and is harmful to nature, animals and people. It also costs a lot of money to clean up. Read here to find out what you can do if you see litter and how you can help prevent it.

Together in the fight against litter

The City of Maastricht en CNME Maastricht are working together to fight litter. The result of their collaboration is the #PickItUp campaign. Are you fed up with litter? Then go to and find our what you can do to help. 

Complaint or report

If you've spotted litter somewhere or if you have another question or comment, report it via the MijnGemeente app or contact us on 14 043.

    • Minimise your own waste: take your own shopping bag with you to the store and buy a reusable bottle/mug for beverages.
    • Throw all your waste into public rubbish bins, including chewing gum, cigarette butts and paper handkerchiefs. Take single-use bottles home and dispose of them with your plastic waste so that they can be recycled. There has been a deposit on small plastic bottles of soft drinks and water since 1 July 2021, so you can now turn them in at your local supermarket.
    • If the public rubbish bin or waste container is full, don't leave your waste lying next to it. Take it home with you.