Sorting stations and recycling centres

Separating your waste as much as possible is good for the environment. Not only that, but it also benefits you personally. You can dispose of separated waste at your neighbourhood sorting station. Larger household waste can be taken to one of the four regional recycling centres. Read here which waste you can take where.

Sorting stations

To find a sorting station in your neighbourhood, see the sorting stations map.

  • The sorting stations are only intended for residents of the City of Maastricht.
  • You may only dispose of waste at the sorting stations between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.
  • Do not place waste next to or on top of the containers. Is one of the containers full? Then go to another sorting station or take your waste back home with you.

Breaking these rules can cost you money. There may be camera surveillance at the sorting stations.

Recycling centres

You can also take your waste to one of Maastricht's 3 recycling centres: Beatrixhaven, Randwyck and Het Rondeel, or to the recycling centre in Valkenburg aan de Geul. Click on the links for the latest opening hours.


Asbestos can only be disposed of at the Beatrixhaven recycling centre, where strict asbestos rules apply. Asbestos and asbestos-like material must be presented double wrapped in sheets or sturdy plastic film (at least 0.2 mm thick). You can buy this type of film at the better DIY, hardware and farm supply shops, among others.

Separating waste

You can separate the following types of waste and dispose of it free of charge at your neighbourhood sorting station:

  • Plastic and metal packages and drink cartons (PMD)
  • Glass (clear and coloured)
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Baby nappies and incontinence pads

We collect organic waste (kitchen and garden waste) every week free of charge. You must take all other waste to one of the recycling centres. You will be able to dispose of most of it for free, but there are some categories of waste for which you will have to pay a charge. Sort your waste beforehand at home. That way our staff at the recycling centre can see exactly what you are dropping off and calculate the charges.  


You can dispose of waste free of charge at the sorting stations. Are you taking waste to the recycling centre? Then check the rates and conditions for each product.

Complaint or report

If you have a question or complaint about a sorting station or recycling centre, report it via the MijnGemeente app or contact us on 14 043.

  • The sorting station in Burgemeester van Oppenstraat has been closed since April 2021. We are looking for a different location in the neighbourhood and expect to open a new sorting station in 2022.