The City Hall

Experience and explore the city hall like never before through the Max van Even's short film, a virtual tour, or the album from the Reeks Vierkant Maastricht as offered by the Stichting Historische Reeks Maastricht (foundation promoting Maastricht's cultural heritage).

Grandeur on Market Square, the film

This film will guide you through the city hall, with unique 3D images and fascinating close-ups. Explore each detail of the lavishly decorated seventeenth and eighteenth-century interior, including unique architectural details and awe-inspiring tapestries The film is a true celebration of the city hall.

Watch the film.

Virtual tour

Take a virtual tour of the city hall. Visit all the rooms in this extraordinary seventeenth-century building designed by architect Pieter Post. Visitors on the virtual tour will uncover unique places that you don't get see on the live tours! The virtual tour is available on desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Go on the virtual tour.

Een magnifiek Stadhuis (A magnificent City Hall), album

Featuring beautiful, high-quality photography, this album is a feast for the eyes Just like the film, the album is a celebration of the city hall and features spreads that exhibit the building's grandeur. The 156-page album doesn't only have beautiful images; it also offers background information on the interior and the impact of the conservation work. Another highlight is the CD with music from the hall's bells and, of course, the Mestreechs volksleed (Maastricht's city song) and other tunes.

The album is available for purchase in stores or on

The album was published as part 46 in the Reeks Vierkant Maastricht, and some parts of the album have been translated into English.