Cross Border Information Point Maastricht

The Province of Limburg, together with the Meuse-Rhine Euregion and seven municipalities, has signed an agreement for the Cross Border Information Point Maastricht. This emphasizes the importance of providing information to citizens and businesses about the opportunities that Europe offers.

Europe is not a theory for citizens in the border regions of the European Union, but a daily reality. And problems can arise that impede cross-border mobility, particularly related to aspects of  ​​social security, wages, taxes, medical expenses, family contributions, pensions, etc.

Border commuters and entrepreneurs in the Euregio (people who live and / or work across borders) are welcome to visit the Cross Border Information Point for help in such cases. These (past, present or future) border commuters will be helped directly by specialists from the Social Insurance Bank and the Tax Authorities. 

There are already Cross Border Information Points situated along the Dutch-Belgian and German-Dutch border that work closely together. For example, there is already close cooperation between the Cross Border Information Point in Maastricht with the Cross Border Information Point Aachen / Eurode (Kerkrade / Herzogenrath).