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I am looking for premises for my business. Can the municipality assist?

Your company can find just the right premises it needs in Maastricht. Whether you are starting out, expanding or relocating, there are almost always premises that will meet your requirements. You can work from home, there are flexible workplaces at various locations in the city, creative locations, business sites and parks, plots to build on, and the Belvedère location provides space for large-scale retail trade. The commercial property list and the vacancy map of the Business Contact Centre allow you to look for a suitable location yourself. For more information, see the folder Are you looking for business premises?

I am already considering a number of premises. Is it possible at that location? Is an exemption from or adjustment to the zoning plan required?

You can examine the zoning plan at or via the municipal helpdesk.

I want to start a business based at home. Is that possible?

Working from home has many advantages and often you don't even need permission from the municipality to do so. It depends entirely on the plans you have and the type of business you want to start. We make a distinction between professions based at home and consumer care and/or traditional trades. The main rule for working from home is that your home must remain primarily your residence. Bear in mind that the largest part of your home must be living space and not working space. That is the principle that the municipality applies to home-based businesses. For more information, see the folder Working at home?

I have a shop and I would like to include catering. Is that possible?

You have a shop and you wish to offer your customers a cup of coffee or a snack while they are shopping. That's no problem. However, there are several conditions. You may only use part of your business for this purpose (maximum of 25%), your business must continue to have the appearance of a shop and you may not advertise this part of your business. 

If you have ideas about another combination of retail trade and catering, get in touch with the casemanager Horeca via

May I start a business based at my rented accommodation?

Yes, provided that you have the permission of the lessor, and if you wish to develop a consumer care or traditional trades, you must also have the permission of the Municipality of Maastricht. For more information, see the folder Working at home? 

I wish to start a business. Can I obtain a subsidy?

You cannot obtain a subsidy from the Municipality.

If you are a starter or have an existing business and you need credit and you cannot obtain credit from a bank, you can apply for an SME credit. This is a business loan between € 50,000 and € 250,000. For amounts up to € 50,000, you can apply for microcredit.

The Seed Capital Technostarters scheme facilitates investments in technostarters and creative starters. There are more than twenty different funds to which technical and creative starters can apply. Every fund has its own strategy and applies specific criteria during the application procedure. A fund manager eventually decides in which technostarter or creative starter the fund will invest.

If you have been occupationally disabled for a long period as a result of certain circumstances, you are entitled to support when starting a business. This may include the right to a starters’ or preparatory credit, a temporary income supplement or a payment for, for instance, a reading help or interpreter. You can request such facilities throughout the entire year at the Employee Insurance Agency. One of the conditions is that you must be receiving social assistance, WIA, WAO, WAZ, Wajong or ZW benefit. The facilities must also be essential for the performance of your work.

If you are currently receiving a WW benefit and you are considering starting your own business, but you are afraid of losing your benefit, that does not have to be the case. It is, in fact, possible to start your own business while retaining your WW benefit. Your contact at the Employee Insurance Agency can tell you more and provide further assistance during this process.

For more information about financial or other support, see the answers to question Where can I apply to for support?

Is there a location for street trading?

The following locations have been designated.

  • Christoffelplein Caberg                                      
  • Malbergplein Malberg                        
  • Keurmeestersdreef Belfort                              
  • Herculeshof Daalhof                            
  • Roserije De Heeg                  
  • Raadhuisplein Heer                              
  • Severenplein Amby                             
  • Kast. Schaloenstraat Nazareth        
  • Pleintje Kruisweg Itteren                                  
  • Bovenstraat Borgharen                      
  • Voltastraat Wittevrouwenveld                  

Get in touch with the Business Contact Centre to ask about the days on which the locations are still available. 

Street trading on private sites is possible only if a retail trade designation applies to this location and if the site is publicly accessible.

I would like to place an advertisement for my shop. Is that possible?

A permit is required to place advertisements on or against a building that are visible from the street. It is, however, permitted to place notices, announcements or images inside the building that are not intended to be visible from the street.

I would like to start a bed & breakfast. Is that possible?

In Maastricht you are permitted to use one or two rooms in your home as accommodation for guests, i.e. a guesthouse. However, you must be the main resident and you must run the guesthouse yourself. For a small hotel with up to and including seven rooms, other rules apply. Different rules apply to other small-scale accommodation facilities up to and including seven rooms. A B&B is considered a small hotel. If you wish to open a small-scale accommodation facility, you must always request permission from the municipality. We will assess your initiative on the basis of the zoning plan and other spatial planning aspects, such as parking. The most important requirement in the case of small-scale accommodation is that opening such a facility must not result in the disappearance of any residential function. Furthermore, such a small hotel must, for instance, meet the same fire safety conditions as a larger hotel. For a hotel with eight or more rooms, other rules apply. See also: and the Business Contact Centre folder Do you want to open a hotel in Maastricht?