City Council

The City Council is the highest governing body in the municipality and is elected by the residents.

The Council has regulatory and administrative authority (regulations and decisions), with the exception of those authorities which have been legally delegated to the municipal executive or the mayor. The Council may also delegate authority to the municipal executive.

The City Council normally meets once every month at 5 PM in the council chamber of the Mosae Forum. You may attend these meetings in the seating section reserved for the public. Various topics are discussed during the public meetings of the Council committees held in the week before the Council meeting, including the topics on the agenda of the next Council meeting.

Council committees

Council committees advise the City Council on topics/documents slated to be dealt with in the Council meeting. They meet in the week prior to the Council meeting. The Maastricht City Council has six Council committees: 

  • General Affairs
  • City Management, Environment and Mobility
  • Urban development
  • Resources
  • Well-being, Health and Welfare
  • Economic and Social Affairs 

The Council committees are composed of members of the City Council and “citizen-non-Council members.” The committees are chaired by a Council member and receive support from the municipal Registry. As a rule, the Council committees meet in Mosae Forum (Gubbelstraat entrance).

Contact information for the City Council (and Council committees)

Gemeenteraad (City Council)

Postbus 1992

6201 BZ Maastricht

E-mail to

Contact information for Council members

On the page devoted to the composition of the City Council (in Dutch only), you will find the names of all the Council members. If you click on a name, you will be able to access the personal page of the member concerned with his or her address information.

Contact information for political parties

On the page devoted to Political Parties in Maastricht (in Dutch only), you'll find address information as well as information about the assistants for the various parties and the office hours of the parties.


If you have any questions about the City Council, please feel free to contact the Registry of the Council.