Coalition Agreement 2014 – 2018: We Maastricht!

The document you find below is the new Coalition Agreement 2014-2018 (PDF, 2,5MB). The five coalition partners in Maastricht have deliberately decided to draw up a framework agreement. The agreement is based on the existing policy. In the agreement, we identify new tasks for the forthcoming period and areas on which we would like to focus. The document describes what the new coalition intends to achieve.

About the agreement

The welfare state will be undergoing a complete overhaul over the next few years. The traditional role of government is being transformed in many areas.

Things have to change. We have to work together. Focusing more on the strength of our people. Using the energy in Maastricht. Innovative and sustainable. Working with our partners in the town and the region.

This coalition is convinced that the government of the future is a collaborative government. Only by joining forces, building strong relationships and sharing the right knowledge will we make Maastricht stronger. Because ‘Maastricht’ is all of us: We Maastricht!

We give full rein to Maastricht’s people and businesses because we have confidence in them. Together, we will ensure that nobody falls through the net in Maastricht and together, we will offer every inhabitant of Maastricht a future. From student to senior citizen, from Maastricht born and bred to expat.

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