Municipal Executive

The municipal executive (Dutch acronym: B&W) is responsible for day-to-day management of the municipality. It is the task of the municipal executive to prepare for and implement decisions taken by the City Council.

The municipal executive also has specific authority of its own to take decisions, usually in the executive sphere. For example, the municipal executive awards municipal permits and subsidies (e.g. building permits, operating permits, stand permits, and collection permits).

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Mayor Annemarie Penn-te Strake
Portfolio: Integrated Safety and Public Order, Regional and Euregional Cooperation, Public Affairs, Lobbying, Communication, Supervision and Enforcement, Trailer Park Issues
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Mr A.F.M. (André) Willems (Maastricht Seniors' Party)
Deputy mayor Portfolio: Social Security, Re-Integration and Labour Market Policy, Poverty, Integrated Policy on Older People, Urban Management, Sport and Recreation
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Ms M.F.V. (Mieke) Damsma (D66)
Portfolio: Culture, Education, Youth Care, Health, Student and City Issues
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Mr J.J.G.M. (Jack) Gerats (SP)
Portfolio: Dutch Social Support Act (Wet maatschappelijke ondersteuning, Wmo), Welfare, Neighbourhoods, Citizen-Oriented Services, Citizen Participation, Licensing and Permits
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Mr G. (Gert-Jan) Krabbendam (GroenLinks [Dutch Green Party])
Portfolio: Spatial Development, Housing, Landscaping, Nature, Historic Buildings, Archaeology, Sustainability, Environment, Water, Animal Welfare
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Mr J.J.M. (John) Aarts (VVD)
Portfolio: Economy, Mobility, Finance, Real Estate, Personnel and Organization
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Mr P.J. (Piet) Buijtels
Municipal secretary/general manager
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