Parking & transport

Parking permit for residents

In the centre or an area with paid parking, there are no private parking spots. With a parking permit you can park in these areas.

Parking permits for foreign students

Foreign students that commute from a different country by car may apply for a parking permit for foreign students.

Parking tickets

In some areas, you have to pay to park. This is called a parking fee. You can pay this fee for example at the parking ticket machines.

Driving licence, exchange

A foreign driving licence will only be valid in the Netherlands for a limited period of time. Will you be in the Netherlands for a longer period of time? Then you may wish to exchange your foreign driving licence for a Dutch driving licence.

Parking fine

Information about enforcing parking regulations and (appealing against) parking fines.

Information on traffic, parking & public transport

Maastricht-Bereikbaar (Accessible Maastricht) works with a large number of partners in order to keep Maastricht and the surrounding area permanently accessible.