Parking fine

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Maastricht every year. The city was not built to handle the growing quantity of road traffic, however, so to keep it a pleasant, accessible place for visitors, residents and businesses alike, paid parking has been introduced in a large part of the city.

In order to maintain the accessibility and the quality of live for everyone, the city surveillance service (team Handhaven) enforces - among other things - the parking regulations very strictly. 

Appeal against a parking fine

If you disagree with the parking fine, you can lodge an appeal within six weeks. Note: first you have to pay the parking fine. Your appeal should contain the following information: 

  • your name and address 
  • date of dispatch 
  • number of the parking fine (aanslagnummer) and the registration number of the vehicle in 
  • question 
  • a description of your appeal 
  • your signature  

Do not forget to enclose the original parking fine and to mention the data of your bank: 

  • name account holder 
  • account number 
  • IBAN code 
  • BIC code 
  • address 
  • postal code 
  • domicile  

Send to

You can send the signed appeal to:

Veiligheid & Leefbaarheid
Team vergunnen ORHP -parkeren 
Postbus 1992 
6201 BZ  Maastricht

Attention: please do remember to mention the number (aanslagnummer) written on the receipt and your license plate number.