New ticket machines: summer 2019

The municipality is replacing roughly 400 parking ticket machines this summer, starting with those in the city centre and followed by those in the surrounding parking zones. This summer, the last ticket machines to be replaced will be those in the parking zones on the outskirts of the city centre.

Instructional video

Parking based on vehicle number plates

The new ticket machines are based on a number plate registration parking system that also accepts foreign number plates. The municipality temporarily stores the number plate in a national database. Your data is only used if you do not pay the parking rate and receive a parking fine.

Think carefully about how long you want to park before you leave. The maximum parking time for street parking cannot be extended by paying more. For alternative parking options, visit Maastricht Bereikbaar.

  • You will no longer receive a parking permit to display.
  • The parking authorities will scan your number plate and check digitally whether you have paid.
  • If you enter the wrong number plate, press the red button to cancel and then enter the correct number plate.
  • If you have already paid, you will not be able to change the number plate. 

Paying at the ticket machine

Payment method

New ticket machine

Old ticket machine

(with a red sticker)


Starting at €0.10

Save the receipt

Starting at €0.10

Save the receipt

Bank card

Yes: pay by bank card or by contactless payment

Payment via bank card was discontinued on 1 July 2019.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

App for paying by phone



Frequently Asked Questions

Why couldn't I pay by debit card?
There were some problems with paying by debit card, but these bugs are now (hopefully) solved. We check daily whether the machines work. If there are problems, we resolve them immediately. Does a machine not work or is it not possible to pay? Please call the GemeenteLoket on 14 043 and provide the number of the machine (the 5 white numbers in the blue box on the side of the machine).

How do I know until what time I have paid to park?
You will see the end time on the screen when you set the parking time. Do you pay by debit card? Then make sure that you remember or note that end time yourself. The end time is not stated on the receipt. Do you pay in cash AND do you request a receipt? Then the end time will be on your receipt.

Disabled parking

If you have a disabled parking permit, you can park for free for the first three hours. Place your blue parking disk and your disabled parking permit on display under the windscreen.

Parking rates

For street parking, the rates depend on the relevant parking zone:

  • high rate: €2.90 per hour (mainly in the A zone)
  • low rate: €1.50 per hour (mainly in the B zone)
  • day ticket: €6.60

See map of parking zones in Maastricht