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  • Moving to the Netherlands from abroad?
    Check out the page 'first registration in the Netherlands' when you are moving to the Netherlands from abroad.
  • Moving abroad?
    Check out the page 'moving abroad' when you are moving abroad from Maastricht and make the notification of your change of address online.


Moving within the Netherlands?
You can make your notification of your change of adress online with DigiD. 

What happens after I have made my notification?
Your change of address will be processed in the system at the effective date. If you are coming from another municipality in Maastricht, you will be automatically unsubscribed in the other municipality. Within 5 working days you will receive a letter confirming this.

We pass on your change of address to several authorities, such as:

  • Tax Office
  • Health insurer
  • Social Insurance Bank
  • Pension fund

At you'll read more about who has or does not have access to your data. 

You can also make notification of your change of address in other ways:

By post or e-mail
Download the declaration form, fill it in and send it to us. You can also send the declaration form to 

Via the municipal service desk
You can make an appointment without DigiD


You have to inform the council in the community where you are going to live. You also have to notify the council if you are moving within the same council area.


Providing notification of a move can be done by:

  • yourself, when you are at least 16 years old
  • a parent, guardian or carer for minor children
  • co-habiting spouses / registered partners on behalf of each other (only if they are moving together)
  • co-habiting parents and adult children on behalf of each other (only if they are moving together)
  • the trustee for a person who has been put under supervision
  • an adult with your written authorisation


Please notify the council of the community in which you are going to live.

Please visit the GemeenteLoket if you would like to find out more. Make an appointment with the council. You can do this with DigiD. Once you have logged in via DigiD, you will first see a screen with your name and telephone number. You will subsequently see a calendar. You can choose a date for your appointment on this calendar. You can always check and change your appointment via Mijn GemeenteLoket. 

You can also make an appointment without DigiD. In this case, you will not be able to check and change your appointment. 

Maastricht council (GemeenteLoket)

Bezoekers adres
Mosae Forum 10
6211 DW Maastricht
Post adres
6201 BZ Maastricht
Postbus 1992
Tel: 14 043 (+31 43 350 40 40 from abroad)
Fax: 043 350 41 41 (+31 43 350 41 4


Giving notification of your move is free of charge.


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