Environmental parks


'Milieuparken' (literally translated 'environmental parks') are waste drop offs or recycling centres. Residents of the municipalities of Maastricht, Meerssen and Valkenburg a/d Geul can make use of the 4 recycling centres: Beatrixhaven, Het Rondeel, and Randwyck in Maastricht and the Valkenburg recycling centre in Valkenburg a/d Geul, as well as 7 recycling centres in Brunssum, Heerlen, Kerkrade, Landgraaf, Margraten, Rijckholt and Vaals. You can bring various types of waste for disposal here.

A number of (safety) rules apply at the recycling centres:

  • You can only access the recycling centre upon presentation of a valid 'waste card' or 'environment card' (Milieupas) and proof of identity.
  • Payment is only possible with a debit card.
  • You may only dispose of private household waste from the address at which the environment card has been registered.
  • Waste from businesses or business-related activities is not accepted. This waste can be disposed of via a commercial waste disposal services provider.
  • The recycling centre is only accessible to vehicles weighing up to 3,500 kg (driving licence B).
  • Present your waste clearly and properly sorted.
  • If you have lost your waste card or require a new one, apply for a new waste card via www.besteuitafval.nl/milieupas.