Parking permit (temporary)


If you need to park in a paid area temporarily, for example because you work there, you can apply for a (temporary) parking permit. With this permit you can park in the area during a certain period.

You can apply for a  temporary parking permit online. You'll need the car's valid registration certificate. You also neet to report

  • where you wish to park temporarily
  • why you need to park there
  • when and what time you wish to park there


  • we will check if the vehicle is needed for the project
  • there is a maximum number of temporary parking permits per location
  • the permit is only valid in the street that is mentioned in the permit.
  • you must park in the parking areas.


You request the temporary parking permit at the council.

Please go to the ‘GemeenteLoket’ (municipality counter). You can make an appointment on the website. You can do this using DigiD via the link. Then, you can check your appointment via ‘Mijn GemeenteLoket’ and change it if you wish. After you have logged in via DigiD, you will first see a screen with your name and telephone number. Next, you will see a calendar. Here, you can choose a date to make an appointment.

You can also make an appointment without DigiD. In that case, you will not be able to follow your appointment or modify it later.

You can also pass by without appointment. This is possible during opening hours.


A temporary parking permit for an A zone is € 15 for every 24 hours or € 200 for 3 weeks (2017 rate).

The neighbourhoods Boschstraatkwartier, Binnenstad, Kommelkwartier, Wyck West, Wyck Oost, Sint Maartenspoort Zuid, Duitsepoort Noord, Heugemerweg Noord, Céramique, Statenkwartier en Jekerkwartier Zuid are A zones.

A temporary parking permit for a B zone is € 7,50 for every 24 hours or € 100 for 3 weeks (2017 rate).

The neighbourhoods Biesland, Brusselsepoort, Heugemerveld, Mariaberg, Randwyck, Scharn, Sint Maartenspoort Noord, Villapark-Sint Pieter-Jekerdal, Wittevrouweveld en Wyckerpoort are B zones.