Recycling platforms


There are several places in Maastricht where you can find underground containers to take your separated waste to. You can get rid of the following waste in the containers:

  • paper and cardboard
  • white and coloured glass
  • PMD (plastic packaging, metal packaging and drink cartons)

For a recycling platform in your area see the summary at recycling platforms. You are not permitted to place any other types of waste in these containers. Please bring other types of waste to one of the 4 environmental parks.

Are you unsure if something is residual waste? Look at this recycling overview (in Dutch). You can also check the recycle index (in Dutch). Do you want to know more about the different types of waste? You can find a summary of all the related subjects on the page Waste and Recycling.


The conditions are as follows:

  • The recycling platforms are only available for residents in the Maastricht council area.
  • You can only use the recycling platforms between 07.00 am and 22.00 pm.
  • It is not allowed to place waste next to or on top of the containers. If the container is full, please go to another recycling platform or take your waste home again.

Violating these rules may result in a fine. The recycling platforms may be under camera surveillance.


Please contact the GemeenteLoket for more information.

Maastricht council (GemeenteLoket)

Bezoekers adres
Mosae Forum 10
6211 DW Maastricht
Post adres
6201 BZ Maastricht
Postbus 1992
Tel: 14 043 (+31 43 350 40 40 from abroad)
Fax: 043 350 41 41 (+31 43 350 41 4


You can get rid of your waste for free in the underground containers.

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