Recycling platforms


In Maastricht there are several 'milieuperrons'. These are waste recycling platforms with underground containers where you can dispose of the following separated waste for free: 

  • paper and cardboard
  • white and coloured glass
  • plastic and metal packages and drink cartons (PMD)

Look for a milieuperron in your area on the map of recycling platforms. Other types of waste you can bring to recycling centres/'milieuparken' (information in Dutch only).


  • The recycling platforms are only for residents of the municipality of Maastricht.
  • You may only use the recycling platform between 07.00 and 22.00.
  • Do not put waste next to or on the containers. Go to another recycling platform or take your garbage back home if the container is full.

Breaking these rules can cost you money. There is camera surveillance at the recycling platforms.


Samenwerking reinigingsdiensten RD4


Waste deposit in the recycling platforms is for free.