Sport & culture in Maastricht

Arts and culture

Maastricht has a long history as a cultural centre – as a Roman fortified city, as a medieval centre of pilgrimage, as one of the earliest industrial cities in the Netherlands. To learn more about it's rich historie visit Zicht op Maastricht (View to Maastricht): a city's biography.

And now as a city where contemporary architecture also reflects the vibrant spirit of the times. To find out more about cultural events and shows in the city, check out the monthly newsletter “Uit in Maastricht (Out on the Town)” or the weekly folder “Week IN Week UIT” (in Dutch with English Section). You can also subscribe for the digital newsletter “Highlights of the Week”.

Maastricht has four Municipal Cultural Institutions.

Every year Maastricht celebrates Carnaval


Maastricht Sport is the Municipality of Maastricht’s (internally autonomous) sports organization, based at the Geusselt swimming pool (Geusseltbad). The Geusselt swimming pool is run by Maastricht Sport and located at the Geusseltpark.

Maastricht Sport offers high-quality sports facilities and sports services for the general public, schools, associations, and companies in a professional, enterprising, and innovative manner. A team of experienced and enthusiastic employees is ready to help every day. Maastricht Sport also works in partnership with the education sector, the health-care sector, welfare organizations, and commercial parties. Together they facilitate sports and exercise in Maastricht. For further information, visit the website of Maastricht Sport (in Dutch). (Dutch website) will put you through to a site with all the sports clubs (sportaanbieders) in the province.