Kumulus Centre for education in the arts

Since last season, the newest and also successful additions to the programme are the Writers’ School and the Department for Exploring the Arts. Our teachers are enthusiastic professionals who, young and old alike, very much enjoy providing quality education in their chosen art field.

In addition to the regular courses offered, Kumulus also provides ample opportunity to practice what is learned here in collective sessions, exhibitions, presentations and shows. Excellent facilities are also available in this regard.

For community work and education, Kumulus offers a wide range of workshops and short-term courses under the header of Cultural education.

The Bureau Amateurkunsten (Department for Amateur Arts) provides support to associations in Maastricht in the area of regulations, subsidies, organisation and facilities.

Kumulus has branches at various locations throughout the city. Some of the programmes offered are also available in Valkenburg a/d Geul and other municipalities in the surrounding region.

Visit www.kumulus.nl (in Dutch) for further information.

Centre Céramique - Municpal library

Centre Céramique is located at the meeting point between the old Wyck neighbourhood and the new Céramique neighbourhood on Plein 1992. There's always something going on at the centre! You can enjoy an interesting exhibition devoted to photography, art or archaeology, visit the library, go online free of charge, enjoy a delicious cup of hot coffee, read the newspaper, listen to a concert, or just allow yourself to be surprised by one of the many different activities on offer. But there is another reason for visiting the Centre Céramique. The building itself, designed by architect Jo Coenen, as well as the beautiful review it affords visitors, is more than worth the visit. Centre Céramique also keeps very good company, as witnessed by its neighbours: the Bonnefanten Museum, the theatre Het Vervolg, and the NAi Maastricht (Dutch Architectural Institute). This part of Maastricht therefore has a great deal to offer when it comes to culture and the arts. Centre Céramique also has two smaller branch libraries in the Malpertuis and Heer neighbourhoods.

Visit www.centreceramique.nl (in Dutch) for further information.

Maastricht Natuurhistorisch Museum (Museum of Natural History)

The Maastricht Natuurhistorisch Museum is the natural history museum in Limburg, devoted to ancient as well as modern natural history. Take a trip through time and visit some of the Earth's previous geological ages, whose inhabitants included the “Mosasaurus” on display, and end up becoming acquainted with the fish species presently inhabiting the streams of Limburg. Check out the various animals to be found in the forested hill country, the chalk-rich grasslands, and the gravel pits or nose around in the old and dark corners of the museum. The new Dynamic History section explains how mankind and nature influence each other. In the section devoted to insects, you can look inside a beehive with bees buzzing around! The Mosasaurus “Bèr” fossil, a 66 million year old giant marine reptile from the Cretaceous Period, has its own house in the museum garden. Bèr was over 12 m long, making it one of the largest predators living in the topical sea that covered large parts of South Limburg during the Cretaceous Period.

Visit www.nhmmaastricht.nl for further information.

Theater aan het Vrijthof (Theatre on the Vrijthof)

Theater aan het Vrijthof is one of the larger theatre venues in the Netherlands.Located in the very heart of Maastricht, the theatre puts on several festivals every season in cooperation with a great many partners inside the city and far outside the city.

In addition, a leading selection of national and international performing art shows can be enjoyed on almost a daily basis, including theatre, dance, music, cabaret, musicals, youth theatre, pop, classical and world music.

Visit www.theateraanhetvrijthof.nl (in Dutch) for further information.