Prevent your room from being burgled!

Open windows, unlocked doors, and valuables on view... these still make it all too easy for burglars to break in! Just like elsewhere, student accommodation is often an easy target in Maastricht.

A burglar could also be a visitor to your student house. In 25% of cases, burglars can enter just by opening your front door with a plastic card. This is known as ‘loiding’. Or they enter through an open window (via a balcony or other raised platform).

Of course it would be extremely frustrating if your laptop containing all your study materials (including your almost finished thesis!), or your smartphone, wallet, jewellery or other valuable items were to be stolen. Your insurance does not always cover the stolen goods and damage caused. So know the risks and prevent your room from being burgled!

Tips for preventing theft

These are some of the things you can do to prevent theft from happening or at least make it more difficult for the would-be burglar.

  • Do not leave doors and windows open that are hidden from view. You'd be surprised at how a burglar can get into a house.
  • Are you going out? Then place your valuable items out of sight. Close your window, and lock your room door and your front door.
  • Make sure your room door and the main front door are fitted with good locks. Talk to your landlord about this.
  • Are you organizing a party? Only let in people you know and keep the front door shut.
  • Register all your valuable possessions with the Stop Heling (Stop the trade in stolen goods) app.
  • Make your smartphone, tablet, and laptop theftproof.